Tuesday’s With Laura: “Live free or die,” New Hampshire

Last Weekend was a good one! I went to New Hampshire and hiked, climbed, swam, ate lots of food and saw amazing views. June 9th was Get Outdoors More Day (my boyfriend and I had no idea) but we spent it in this beautiful, wilderness-filled state, that is just a few hours away.

The first night we went to Lincoln and stayed near Franconia Notch. We took refuge from a hail storm at Franconia Notch Motel, as nice and cozy as you can get for $50 a night. We rested there after I drove the 5 and a half hours from New Haven and then began exploring bright and early the next day.

First we hiked Boulder Loop Trail in the White Mountains National Forest, near Conway.

After our hike we, or I should say I, immersed myself completely in the coldest water I’ve ever experienced! it felt like a million knives digging into my skin, all over my body. Despite the pain it was amazingly refreshing. I was having trouble breathing, and thinking, for that matter; but I embraced it. It felt like I was purging my mind from anything that was unnecessary to hold in it. The moment was the only thing present in that time. I couldn’t think about, or feel anything else but the water and its current.

After a good night sleep and a few delicious meals (yes, a few. We like to eat) We got up and explored some more. I am lucky to have a personal guide of New England. My boyfriend Nick, unlike me, has lived here all of his life and knows some of the best, most secret spots around. He’s showed me the sweetest parts of Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire. He’s also my personal climbing instructor…what a lucky girl I am. I try to teach him spanish in return…but it doesn’t seem to stick.

So we went to a secluded little piece of heaven:

  Once again, freezing water! But I couldn’t help get under the fall despite it taking my breath away once again.

After a refreshing session in the water and exploring upstream, Nick showed me an easily accessible climbing spot near Sandwich.

And that’s how we concluded a perfect weekend in my book! We ate peanut butter and apple sandwiches and made our way back to CT. We got back around 11 pm, totally exhausted and smelly, but absolutely happy and ready to take on the week. That’s how every weekend should be. Am I right?!

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