Tuesday’s with Laura: This week–nothing but Lyme Disease

This week I have nothing to share with you. I didn’t hike, I didn’t camp, I didn’t climb. In fact I didn’t do much but lay and sleep and sit. And all thanks to…LYME DISEASE!!! haha, actually, not that funny. 

One of these little critters was responsible for the worst body ache I have ever experienced. At first I thought I was sore and simply tired. I even felt good about it. I mean, it meant I was working out a lot and that I was building muscle. Bfff NOT. My body was being attacked by bacteria that wanted to turn my nervous system into their playground, but the doctor said, no way, and gave me some pretty strong and pretty-looking antibiotics.

Taking these is not as fun as it looks

So my week contained a lot of sitting on couches, swallowing ibuprofen to fend off a headache that doesn’t seem to want to go away and lots of TV. I watched more TV this past week than I have watched in the past three years, guaranteed. I didn’t realize how many commercials there are these days…I wasn’t sure if I should be impressed or disturbed. Probably disturbed, I couldn’t tell through the cloudiness of my head. Oh yeah, because it also turned me into a zombie who’s only desire was sleep.

Being stuck in bed when it's 100 degrees is not fun at all

So I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about Lyme. Some paralyzed faces, loss of sensitivity, chronic anxiety; it’s really not nice bacteria. But it seems like it’s different for everyone. Some people don’t catch it for months after they’ve been infected and that’s when it gets really ugly.

In my case we caught it pretty early and after a week on antibiotics I am already feeling much better, besides the pure fear I’ve develop towards ticks.

Believe me, I don’t ever want to feel like that again.

So as a friendly reminder that the luck of living in Connecticut comes with the not-so-proud and joy of being the epicenter of this disease, please check yourself thoroughly after being in the woods. I “check” every time, but I guess I didn’t check well enough. And if you want to avoid feeling like you got hit by bus, I’d say make sure you check well.

And if you have your own Lyme story, I want to hear it, so I don’t feel so alone in my misery of being stuck indoors and sitting, rather than playing in the sun.

Thanks :)

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  1. Youngath-eart Carol

    Hi Laura, welcome to the Lyme Club….ha! Not a fun place to be I can tell you.  I was one of the very first cases of Lyme in Massachusetts around 1987ish.  Wasn’t caught early and have been suffering since.  MD’s refuse to give me pain medication.  I got some by chance when I saw an orthopaedist for knee pain.  Have a benign bone cyst in the marrow and was given Indomethacin which also helps the other pains somewhat so convinced him to let me keep using it as needed for pain.  Even with that, I just had to quit working as a R.N. and apply for disability because I just can’t do it (live) anymore.  You look at me and I look real healthy but every fiber of my being is in pain in one way or another from stabbing pains, feeling like I am being bitten, to hot burning flushing types of pains.  There is stiffness and creaking joints which give out on stairs and I am now taking handicap ramps and elevators.  I used to be a runner in the early 80’s doing 10 miles at a pop.  Now can’t walk a mile without paying for it for days on end with so much pain you can’t believe it (well, you probably can). I am praying the disability gets approved or I will have drained by savings pretty soon.  I am an artist and don’t even have the drive to paint anymore right now.   Most days I just want to die and have it all over with.  That is what dealing with Lyme for 25 years will do for you.  My heart goes out to you.  Know you are not alone.  There are probably more like us out there than we know.  God bless!

  2. I am really sorry to hear this. I am very fortunate to have caught it very soon after infection and I am feeling much better every day, but yes, I can relate to the pain. I couldn’t imagine dealing with it for as long as you have. I am truly sorry you’ve had such a bad experience with this debilitating and sometimes under-treated disease. I feel your pain. Have you though about seeing a Lyme Disease specialists? I know there are a few here in CT and I have spoken to people who have taken that route and they find it helpful to even meet others with the disease in the waiting room, according to some, it has become almost a support group. I hope you can find a way to start recovering. It must be really difficult for you. When the simplest things become painful or exhausting it does can become unbearable to go about one’s days. So I am truly sorry and I hope you can begin to feel better soon. Please write me and let me know how you progress. I hope you can get back into your art and the things you love to do. BUt above all, I really hope you get treated for it. Good luck and I’ll be thinking of you and sending my best thoughts your way.

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