Tuesdays With Laura: Visiting Bishop Woods School

Yesterday Tony and I visited Bishop Woods School to talk to 7th and 8th graders about outdoors activities and what a layering system is.

I gave two short bilingual presentations and then Tony and I got to quiz the kids and give out some swag that got them pretty excited.

I explained what a layering system is and taught 7th graders the spanish words for the different pieces. I spoke about how when I moved from Colombia, I was suffering throughout the winter because I could not deal with the cold. It was not until I started working at Trailblazer that I learned I was just wearing the wrong stuff. I realized it is possible to enjoy the outdoors much more comfortably when wearing the right stuff. I brought along my Smartwool base layer, Monkey Woman, Atom SV and a borrowed Arc’teryx Shell

I also spoke to 8th graders about how it’s not necessary to be a “pro” in order to enjoy the outdoors. I am certainly not one. And I was exposed to the outdoor lifestyle later in my life. I told them how in Colombia we don’t even have a spanish word for snowboarding, or hiking. Being outdoorsy is not really a thing in Colombia. Despite that, once I realized there was a lot of ways to enjoy the outdoors I got on board and I’ve continued to find ways to enjoy nature. I like to hike tall mountains, I snowboard, I’m learning how to climb, and I am doing all these things I never even considered as possibilities when I was growing up right on the equator.

Some kids really loved it and got involved asking good questions and yelling out answers.

I really really loved talking to them and bringing excitement to their day. We shared local spots that are beautiful, accessible and local, to which they can go to and enjoy, without having to travel very far, (West and East Rock, Sleeping Giant, etc.). They asked questions about clothing and places around the world.

It was a very nice experience.

This is the second time I went to Bishop Woods to give a presentation. We hope to continue working together to get kids excited about the outdoors and to further develop key partnerships that enrich our local community and benefit us all. One of the teachers told me about the new No Child Left Inside Act, which I thought was a wonderful effort by the state and I am more than excited to support it in any way I can.

Stay posted for future awesomeness.

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