Best of New Haven Advocate Party With Trailblazer

We attended the Best of New Haven Advocate party this week, at Anthony’s Ocean View, and had a blast. Yeah, the view was pretty cool, too.

We accepted the award for “Best Outdoor Outfitter” and “Best Place for Laser Treatment.” Okay, so maybe the beers made my memory a little foggy… anyway, we had a couple of beers, enjoyed some great food, and accepted our awesomeness.

Check out the pics all around this page. There’s one up there and down there and over there and…

Geoff Fox won the award for "Best Human in New Haven" I think. It was something like that. He's great.

A great spread that consisted of scallops, meatballs, pasta, desserts, stuffed shrooms (not in the same tray).

Chaz & AJ of 99.1 hosted most of the evening. They enjoyed talking fast at each other.

My view of the podium. I sat next to Derek and his lovely girlfriend and Hank from our New Haven store.

Geoff kept thanking me. How embarrassing!

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