Employee Spotlight: Erin Goodrich

Name, Dept and Hometown:

Erin Goodrich, Buying Dept. Clinton. CT

Slogan to live by:

“keep your head up, keep your heart strong”

Favorite outdoor activities:

I love boards; Longboards, paddleboards, surfboards, wakeboards. I love anything that includes salty hair and hot sun.

Least favorite outdoor activities:

I don’t like baseball. It’s too monotonous for me to watch and not enough going on to play. I’m the girl doing cartwheels on the field because I can’t stand still.

Best meal ever:

I’ve spent a lot of time in Italy. While I’m there, I have spaghetti and wine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Homemade spaghetti pomodoro is my favorite food. Homemade spaghetti pomodoro and wine in Italy 3 times a day is my favorite meal.

Favorite Ice cream:

Ashley’s Strawberry Oreo. I often wish I would stumble across a pomodoro flavored gelato.

Favorite piece of gear:

I’m an avid boater; I’m on the water all the time. I have countless pairs of sunglasses sitting on ocean floors. For this reason I now have multiple pairs of croakies, they are a part of my everyday life and have saved my sunglasses numerous times.

Ideal vacation:

Any where I can wake up in the morning and not know where I’m seeping that night.

What are you doing 10 years from now?

I have new ideas everyday; if I were to answer today I’d have a different answer by the time you read this.

Name one thing nobody knows:

I can play the didgeridoo. It took years of circular breathing through a straw and a cup of water but I’ve got it. If you ask me to play it for you, I’ll have to turn my back, otherwise I’ll laugh the whole time.

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