Ping Pong Profile: Erin “Gump” Gordon (Team: Guilford)

Name: Erin Gump Gordon

Hometown: Greenbow, Alabama

Years playing: 7

Favorite paddle brand: The Gump SPS 2000

When did you start playing competitively? My years served in Viet-Nam

Which play style is more rewarding for you: an away-from-the-table defender who picks hits, an at-the-table inverted player, or a back to pips twiddling player? Just as fast as I caaa-aan.

What is your training diet? Dr. Pepper and Bubba’s Shrimp

Has the banning of speed glue affected the way you play now? We don’t have speed glue in Alabama , sir.

Have you ever eaten a ping pong ball? If so, what brand tastes the best? Mommma says you can’t eat those ‘cuz you’ll get sick.

Can you recommend any particular leg strengthening exercises for improved table coverage? Running back and forth to each ocean.

Have you tried playing with a golf ball, similarly to baseball players training with heavier bats? No, but I was real good at playing football…I ran over the trumpet player.

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