Trailblazer’s Meet Up: Our Ping Pong Tournament

We’ve been prepping for this Ping Pong tournament for a few weeks now, which we’ve shown off in the way of our staff  profiles thus far. Well, it finally went down this week.

So, here’s the deal…

There’s been some opinions and confusion and some hurt feelings and some excitement and some of this and some of that, over who the actual winner is.

So, in the “final” finals: Todd vs. Matt. Todd took Matt.

The tournament happened and went so smoothly that we gave players rebates to get back in after a loss to get another shot at the title. Well, through this new dynamic, Matt Yorzinski ended up being beaten by Todd Raskin, the second time.

So, it’s not that simple.

You see, Matt actually beat Todd the first time around and went on to win every game after that, all the way into the finals. So, if the rebates weren’t allowed, Matt would have taken the title no questions asked, but since the rebates did happen, well, that would make Todd, technically the winner.

The “pre-final” finals were awesome to watch. So close! Matt took it in overtime over Shelby.

I’m thinking maybe you should decide from that quick wrap up who should be the winner.

Allie and Fifi took the cake with their outfits and characters. A+

Dave "The Faulk" Faulkner, Todd, and Rob from Mohegan looks on.

Erin and Todd. Living the dream.

Abigail, Todd, and Judith and Allie.


Alex shows off his squirrel technique for beer opening.


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