Tuesday’s With Laura: The Middle of the World

By: Laura Gomez

Laura is an active Trailblazer staffer from our Branford store is on one of the most exciting journey’s I’ve known anyone to go on. Check out the second installment in our weekly series here at The Hub. - Tony

Just outside of Quito there is Mitad del mundo, or the middle of the world. A line painted on the ground marks what was thought to be exactly were the equator crossed Ecuador, having a supposed latitude of 0’0’’0’’.

It is now know, thanks to GPS, that it is in fact 240 meters north of the existing line. Regardless, three fellow solo female travelers and I did the whole touristy thing and had photo session, right in the middle of the world! Ok, pretty close.
Austria, Germany, the U.K and Colombia converge in the middle of the world.
Good times!
It is very easy to make friends while traveling, especially when staying in Hostels. Everyone is really friendly and those of us traveling alone find each other, help each other and always manage to have a good time.
I’ve become a great tool for foreigners, who bravely travel along South America, not knowing any Spanish. I get the best of both worlds; I get to interact with travelers from all over the world and build friendships, because I speak English, and I get to hang out with locals and get a real sense of the culture because I speak Spanish…I’m a lucky girl…making friends all over the place.
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