Branford Staff Clinic: Vibram and Patagonia Visit Trailblazer

BY : Laura Gomez, Branford Staffer

It’s that time of the year! Well, almost…

Spring is technically here, but let’s be real here; it snowed this week. Regardless, we all know the nice weather is just around the corner. That is why the Trailblazer team got together last night at the New Haven store to freshen up on the cool features of Vibram Five Fingers and check out the new Patagonia spring line. We’re getting excited to get out from under all these layers and put away the heavy boots.

So, yesterday, we met with reps from these two brands and talked about everything from the new styles and features of their products, to the mechanics of barefoot running. We even learned some interesting facts about these companies.

For example, did you know that in 1996 Patagonia converted 100% of their line to organic cotton?

They’re also involved in various environmental initiatives including Common Threads, whose single goal is to make all Patagonia clothes recyclable.

On Vibram, we learned the story of how their funky Five Fingers came to be. We were able to check out the new styles and even get our hands on a few pairs for us to try out and get you the scoop on what it takes to get on board with the new minimalistic trend.

 Come by any of our stores and pick our brains! We dare you! Do you have questions about Five Fingers? Or, do you simply want to try the weird toe-shoe everyone seems to be talking about?  We can help you out.

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