Find the Sale Item You’re Looking for Quickly, Easily and 24 Hours a Day


Ever wander around our stores looking for a specific item on sale, only to find yourself looking through hundreds of items before finding the one you wanted?  This can be a daunting task, if not impossible. This is why Trailblazer has introduced a new way to shop for the sale items, from all of our stores, right from home. And starting today, you can get up to 65% off!

By simply using the categories from the left hand side of the outlet web page (check the example on the left hand side of this post), you can pick and choose the exact characteristics of the item you are shopping for: size, color, price, brand, etc.

For example, if you feel the need for something warm, blue, and in a medium, for under $50, click those preferences to find the Horny Toad Men’s Lefty.

Trailblazer designed this process to be quick and easy. Every sale item from all our stores and our warehouse is ready for you to buy at any time. So, click on over to the Trailblazer online outlet store and give our new Sale Outlet a try.

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