lions mane jellyfish from wikipedia

Ouch that Stings: Facts about Jellyfish

It’s that time of year for Long Island Sound. The ocean waters have warmed up and brought in the jellyfish. Every year we hold out hope that they won’t invade our beaches, but sure enough they usually do and keep…
Coyote photo from National Geographic

Howling at the Moon: Facts About Coyotes

  Although they are not native to Connecticut the coyote can now be found throughout the state. Unfortunately they have gotten a bad rap in the state from eating pet cats and small dogs. While it is good to keep…
Photo from

Lighting up the night: Firefly Facts

  Who doesn’t love to chase around Fireflies in the summer. Also known as Lightening Bugs, many a child has run around trying to catch one in a jar (we know some adults too.) These little insects delight us on…
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