25 Amazing and Natural Hearts Found in Nature

It’s Valentines’s Day today. Whether you have a special someone or not, these all natural  heart shapes will remind you there’s a little bit of love in everything. 1. Galesnjak, Croatia 2. Cloud 3. Butterfly DMangus 4. Snow 5. Mangrove…

Polar Bears Dominate Spy Cameras (VIDEO)

It’s videos like this that make me think humans completely under estimate the world of animals living next to us. Now every time I walk to my car and squirrel 1 and squirrel two snicket at each other, I’m thinking they’re talking about…

President Obama Talks On His Outdoors Initiative

President Obama gave a press conference on Wednesday covering nature preservation, getting kids outside, and more. Maybe Trailblazer should introduce him next time? Why not? If REI can do it… – Tony Check out what he had to say below:
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