Ping Pong Profile: Matt “Yorzo” Yorzinski with Special Guest (Mom)

Trailblazer's Ping Pong tournament is Monday and we were able to fit one last profile in beforehand. So, give a big round of applause for Matt “Yorzo” Yorzinski as we get to know him a little better. And who better to help with this process than his MOM, Linda. So, let’s also give a warm round of applause to her for being so kind as to give a mother’s perspective on this foreboding competitor. - Tony Matt’s Mom Gives Us Her Perspective Matt has been playing with Ping Pong balls since he was in his crib. I knew it was serious when he began eating Ping Pong balls for breakfast.  Matt assures me it is all about fitness and nutrition. I became concerned when he took a sudden interest in gardening and thought he could grow them organically.  We are still waiting for them to sprout. As you know, Matt is an extreme Yankee fan and will consider paddling anyone who talks trash about them, including his brothers.  One of them, we suspect, is a closet Red Sox fan, afraid to come out for fear of the paddle. Matt's secret wish is that the Yankees were playing Ping Pong instead. - Linda Matt's Profile Name: Matt “Yorzo” Yorzinski Hometown: Guilford, CT Years playing: 19 Favorite paddle brand: Flex-O-lite Favorite color: (in general): Green When did you start playing competitively? Last year Which play style is more rewarding for you: an away-from-the-table defender who picks hits, an at-the-table inverted player, or a back to pips twiddling player? I have mastered using a combination of all three types of play styles during the game to keep my opponent guessing. What is your training diet? Perogies, potatoes, pumpkin pie, pepperoni pizza, pork, poultry, pancakes, plum pudding, papayas, pineapples, pickles, pistachios, profiteroles pastries, pears, peppers, pesto pasta, popcorn, pretzels,  ping pong balls, ping pong paddles, and ping pong tables. Has the banning of speed glue affected the way you play now? No, I play clean and always have. Have you ever eaten a ping pong ball? If so, what brand tastes the best? Yes, Stiga 3 stars are the yummiest. Even better when they are game used!!! <-- "I told you!" - Mom Can you recommend any particular leg strengthening exercises for improved table coverage? Ride your bicycle to work every day and always stretch before and after Ping Pong games. Have you tried playing with a golf ball, similarly to baseball players training with heavier bats? No, but I do train using a banana as a paddle.  

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